A Registered Charity (No. 818/056/57) with Government of Nepal

About Us

Founded in 2000, Himalayan Nature is an international conservation research institute, initiating scientific research on Himalayan floral and faunal diversity and the broader environment.

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Kosi Bird Observatory

Himalayan Nature is setting up a bird observatory and field education centre (26 degree 46’57.85”N, 087 degree 08’21.81”E) at a site just north of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve , which is a well-known corridor for migrating birds.

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Himalayan Nature works under 6 broad themes.

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Biodiversity research and conservation

Himalayan biodiversity is irreplaceable. The world’s major conservation organizations have given special emphasis and invested resources in the region to safeguard this biodiversity.

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Monitoring Nesting Ecology of the Kin...

Monitoring Nesting Ecology of the King Cobra in Central Nepal

Himalayan Nature has started monitoring the nesting ecology of the King Cobra in Central Nepal.   This is the first study of its kind in Nepal, and we hope to understand habitat-specific nesting ecology of the species in this mountainous terrain.

Darwin Initiative: Securing Shuklapha...

The grasslands in and around Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve (SWR) are under immense pressure from livestock grazing. Overgrazing has been identified as the major cause of decline in grassland habitat and animals in this area. Close to 10,000 cattle graze freely in the core and peripheral areas of the reserve every day. This poses a threat […]

IUCN/KfW: Supporting Trans-boundary T...

  As part of the IUCN/KfW funded Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Programme, Himalayan Nature, with the support of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), has implemented the Supporting Trans-boundary Tiger Recovery in India and Nepal project in collaboration with the National Trust for Nature Conservation and the Government of Nepal. The study sites under Himalayan […]


Dr. Charles McDougal 1930 to 2016 Dr. Charles McDougal PhD passed away peacefully on 11 May 2016 in Kathmandu. Always known as Chuck, he was a leading tiger ecologist, conservationist, researcher and writer, who pioneered responsible wildlife tourism standards in South Asia. He is survived by his devoted wife Margie, and children Robert, Juan Carlos, […]

Sponsor from Swarovski Optic

“Himalayan Nature sincerely thanks Swarovski Optic for supplying binoculars and spotting scopes for use in our raptor monitoring projected in the foothills of the Annapurna Range. The generosity of Swarovski Optic will insure that Nepalese scientists and interns will have the proper equipment to carry on their research to understand the migration dynamics of Steppe […]