A Registered Charity (No. 818/056/57) with Government of Nepal

Kosi Bird Observatory

Himalayan Nature is setting up a bird observatory and field education centre (26 degree 46’57.85”N,  087 degree 08’21.81”E) at a site just north of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve , which is a well-known corridor for migrating birds. This is a special request inviting you to support us through your generous donation.

We have recently started bird ringing using Nepal’s own rings and the Nepal government has given full support to our program of establishing a national ringing scheme. In addition to being a valuable way of finding out about the populations, life-cycles and migration strategies of birds, ringing can also be a great vehicle for raising public awareness for bird conservation. The bird observatory will have an information and community support centre and will give opportunities to show birds up close to community members.  We will invite local and national politicians and officials to visit the centre to convince them of the importance of the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. They are the people who can bring about the changes in policy for better conservation and management of bird, wildlife and overall natural resources.