A Registered Charity (No. 818/056/57) with Government of Nepal

Biodiversity Conservation, Research and Monitoring Program

Himalayan biodiversity is irreplaceable. The world’s major conservation organizations have given special emphasis and invested resources in the region to safeguard this biodiversity. Biologically rich areas are termed differently by different organizations; in the form of eco-regions, hotspots, endemic bird areas, and so on. The dilemma faced by the region is how to conserve this very high biodiversity against a background of world’s highest density of human population. The human population is growing at a very rapid rate and consequently wildlife and natural ecosystems are disappearing at an alarming rate. This is also a region where some of the world’s poorest people depend heavily on natural resources. The challenge for us is to conserve biodiversity while also achieving the sustainable use of resources by local populations. We continue to protect biodiversity of the region through our various innovative programs.
Zoological Science
– Birds
– Mammals
– Herpetofauna
– Fish
– Invertebrates (Insecta, Arachnida)

Botanical Science
– Taxonomy
– Invasive Alien Species
– Ethnobotany

Habitat Conservation
– Special Conservation Sites
– IBAs, IPAs, KBAs, Ramsar Sites conservation
– EBAs, TAL, SHL, KSBC, Biodiversity Hotspots