A Registered Charity (No. 818/056/57) with Government of Nepal

HSB Scholarship Scheme

To make this scheme more effective, we are encouraging the backward and lower caste students to apply for this scheme. Currently the scheme is supported by Dr Hem Sagar Baral. Recently in  November 2014 we have provided scholarship to 15 students of Prakashpur Higher Secondary School Sunsari.

We would appreciate any financial help from donors who would want to make a poor student achieve a better future ahead by joining a school. Scholarship for one student per year will cost you only 100 US$! Please write to info@himalayannature.org for your kind help.

HSB scholorship students

Focal schools:

First Phase-2006
Prakash Higher Secondary School, Prakashpur, Sunsari’s students provided scholarship since 2006

Janata Higher Secondary School, Madhuban, Sunsari’s students receiving scholarship since 2007.

Second Phase- 2009
Dhangadhi Secondary School,Dhangadhi,Kailali-@ students to be provided from 2011

Third phase- 2010
Sangita Gwachha has been awarded this scholarship in Lisha English Secondary School, Chyamasingh, Bhaktapur.

Selection Criteria
Poorest of the poor students, intelligent not necessarily the brightest, girls may be given priority where boys and girls come equal number

Students received scholarships are from grades 5 to 12.

Local Governing Committee
Advisor Dr. Hem Sagar Baral

Prakash Higher Secondary School Mr Rabin Ghimire, Headmaster of the school, Badri Chaudhary

Janata Higher Secondary School, Mr Pankaj Mahato, representative from Koshi Camp’s Badri Chaudhary, Headmaster of the school

Dhangadhi Secondary School, Mr Tara Nath Chaudhary, Mr Mohan Bhatta, Mr Diwakar Bagchan, Headmaster of the school.

Dr Hem Sagar Baral
Dr Iain Taylor