A Registered Charity (No. 818/056/57) with Government of Nepal

Kosi Bird Observatory


Himalayan Nature has established Nepal’s first bird observatory and field education centre (26º46’57.85”N,  087º08’21.81”E) north of KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve , a Ramsar Site and well-known migration flyway for Palearctic migrant birds. It lies at the base of the Churia foothills in the plains as the Koshiriver erupts through the narrow gorges.

We have made Nepal’s own rings and are geared up towards establishing a national ringing scheme for the country. In addition to being a valuable way of finding out about the populations, life-cycles and migration strategies of birds, ringing has added a great value for raising public awareness for bird conservation.

Already several MSc and BSc students have used the facility to conduct their research. We have also supported one PhD student (Bhagawan Raj Dahal) of Queensland University. Several conservation education and awareness programmes have been conducted from here by Bird Conservation Nepal, Biodiversity Conservation Society Nepal, Koshi Bird Society as well as Himalayan Nature. Currently the centre has three resident staff.

There is a plan to have an information and community support centre  in the future. We intend to involve local and national politicians and officials to visit the centre to provide awareness and education on the importance of the ecosystems and the environment.

Places to visit:

  • KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve, 17 km south
  • Dharan Forests Important Bird Area, 2 km northeast
  • Ramdhuni Forests, 6 km
  • ChataraDham, 3 km north
  • BarahaKshetra, the ancient Haridwar, 6 km north
  • Koshi river eastern bank, 1 km
  • Koshi river eastern dyke, 0 km
  • Dharan city, 10 km


Please send us your institutional support and logo for displaying in our brochure and web page. For any query related to Kosi Bird Observatory (KBO) or the work of Himalayan Nature please write to: info@himalayannature.org or hem.baral@gmail.com

On behalf of the team, I take the pleasure in thanking you for your continued interest and support for us.

Hem Sagar Baral PhD
Founder President
Himalayan Nature

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