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Project Updates

Sunsari District Declared Diclofenac Free Zone

To achieve our ambitious goal to declare eastern Nepal as a Vulture Safe Zone Himalayan Nature organizes several workshops on community/district level in Sunsari District. On the same line district level workshop was organized on 23 April 2014 at District Development Committee Office Sunsari, Inaruwa to declare Sunsari District Diclofenac Free Zone (DFZ). The workshop was participated by district based high level government officials including Chandeshowr Pokharel – Chief District Officer, Rajendra Dev Pandey – Local Development Officer, Raj Bahadur Raut – District Forest Officer, Maraau Alam Khan – Superintendent of Police, Dr Kamal Giri –  District Livestock Service Officer, Chief warden of KTWR, District Public Health Officer, representative from different veterinary associations, political parties, local conservation organizations and veterinary professionals. Prava Pandey- research officer from Himalayan Nature highlighted the overview and objectives of the program, while Tulsi Subedi – Senior Program Officer presented on different aspects of vulture including vulture conservation activities done by Himalayan Nature and several other organizations and results of NSAID survey in Sunsari district which was the main basis for DFZ declaration. District level DFZ declaration committee was formed in the program that declared the district as DFZ. This is the first DFZ declared by Himalayan Nature focusing on vulture conservation program in the eastern Nepal.

High level Government Officials visited KBO and Vulture Restaurant

Sunsari based high level government officials visited Koshi Bird Observatory (KBO) at Barahachhetra and Vulture Restaurant at Ramdhuni on 22 April 2014. The team comprised Chandeshwor Pokhrel – Chief District Officer,Rajendra Dev Pandey – Local Development Officer and Raj Bahadur Raut – District Forest Officer.  Officer’s team visited all the infrastructure/facilities of vulture restaurant project and KBO. During the visit discussion was conducted about the need of projects, goal and objectives, major activities undertaken and long term project sustainability to save the vanishing vulture and overall biodiversity conservation and research. During the visit Local Development Officer and District Forest Officer committed to support KBO for habitat restoration activities.

Himalayan Nature Organized Vulture Conservation Workshop

Since few years Himalayan Nature is actively working on Vulture Conservation Program in Koshi Area. As a part of vulture conservation program a workshop entitled Role of veterinary technicians and local community in vulture conservation was organized on 31 Jan 2014. The program was conducted at KoshiTappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) headquarter, Kusaha with joint effort of Himalayan Nature, Ramdhuni Community Forest User Group and KTWR. Altogether 41 participants participated in the program representing several veterinary institutions, community forests and local organizations.
In the workshop Senior Program Officer of Himalayan Nature -Tulsi Subedi presented the paper focusing on importance of Vulture Conservation on life support system, declines and cause, role of local community, veterinarians and local organizations, and urgent stoppage of illegal use of human diclofenac for the vulture conservation.

News from Jatayu Restaurant, Koshi

Since 2013, Jatayu(vulture) Restaurant has been established in Ramdhuni Community Forest, Mahendranagar, Sunsari, with joint effort from Himalayan Nature and Ramdhuni Community Forest. In the short time vulture restaurant is depicting the success in vulture conservation because of rapid increasing of vulture number (including globally endangered White-rumped Vulture) visiting the restaurant. The restaurant is now getting more crowd and sometimes vulture do not get proper place to perch and roost. Therefore an expert team installed artificial perch nearby the feeding station.

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