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Here are some of publications and resources for free download access in PDF format. To open them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Nepalma Hiun Chituwako Sanrakchan

Snow Leopard Cover Page final2012


Chara Ka Katha



Parbat Ko Pret


4 Wild Mammals of Nepal: Field Guide Book by Hem Sagar Baral and Karan B Shah

A local language field guide on mammals of Nepal has been completed. The project was supported by the World Bank, Tien Van Foundation, WWF Nepal, IUCN Nepal and NAtional Trust for nature Conservation. A total of 5000 copies hasd been printed in the first year and are available in the major book shops of Kathmandu.The project was supported by The World Bank, Tien Van Foundation,WWF Nepal, IUCN Nepal and National Trust for Nature Conservation. A total of 5000 copies has been printed in the first year and are available in the major book shops of Kathmandu. We are receiving nice responses from this book. We highly appreciate and welcome any types of suggestions and comments on this book. We also encourage our readers to fill the questionnaire form and sent it to our P.O.Box 10918 as soon as possible and get ready to win a T- shirt!!


Aandho Sarpako Khoji: Conservation tales based on wildlife by Karan B Shah

Recently Himalayan Nature has published a book on nature fictions written by Prof Karan Bahadur Shah. Prof Shah is a well known figure in the wildlife research and conservation of this country. Although his main expertise is linked with herpetofauna, he is well-versed with mammals, birds, fish and other fauna and flora of Nepal. Mr Shah is the Chair of Himalayan Nature.


Lepidoptera of Nepal by Colin Smith


Himalayan Nature has published “Lepidoptera of Nepal”. The status of butterflies and moth species has been published as a most updated checklist on the Lepidoptera Book. The book enlists 660 species out of which, 29 species are endemic. 41 species have been proposed for inclusion in the protected animal list in the recent report submitted to CEPF/WWF. The book differs from all previous books in compiling a complete checklist of butterflies and moths recorded in Nepal with a reference to authentic source of recording the particular species in Nepal. The introductory sections and several indices about butterflies and moths of Nepal have been included as the descriptive content in the checklist. Furthermore, list of most important bibliographical references has also been included. All common and rare species reliably recorded in Nepal has been listed in it.