Application Call For Brian Houghton Hodgson Award for Nature Conservation (BHANC)

May 27, 2024

Brian Houghton Hodgson Award for Nature Conservation (BHANC) is set up by Himalayan Nature to honour the noble work and life of Brian Houghton Hodgson who lived in the Himalayas during early to mid-19th century. His quest in understanding the natural history of the region has been widely appreciated. BHANC will include an appreciation plaque and cash support of 1000 US$ and will be presented in Kathmandu to an individual meeting a minimum of two criteria given below.


  1. Should have a minimum of 30 years association with the Himalayan region on research / or to promote knowledge on Himalayan flora and fauna.
  2. Should have worked in at least two central Himalayan countries*.
  3. Should be able to demonstrate that local capacity has been improved/strengthened because of the work.
  4. Work should include field-based actions and preferably continuation of such actions at the time of applying/nominating for the award.


Nominations can be made by the proposed awardees or by other referees. Please submit all credentials electronically to Subject BHANC 2024


Selection of the candidates will be done by an expert panel designated by Himalayan Nature. Decisions taken by the expert panel will be final. Attempt to influence in decision making will disqualify particular application.

Date of release:

27th May 2024


30th August 2024

*Definition of central Himalayan countries for Himalayan Nature and for the purpose of this award: India, Nepal & Bhutan