Biodiversity Conservation

©Tulsi Subedi

Natural ecosystem is facing immense pressure due to human activities that results biodiversity loss. Loss of biodiversity resulting scarcity of resources that leads to rise in human-wildlife conflict. Conserving Biodiversity is therefore important to save all forms of life on the Earth and their well-being that ultimately helps to maintain natural ecosystem healthy and functioning.

Himalayan Nature’s Contribution

Himalayan Nature works to better understand and protect lifeforms in their natural habitat. We use scientific evidence to offer pragmatic solutions for biodiversity conservation. Our work under this theme covers a wide range of topics; from wetlands to forest, insects to mammals and well-beings of communities.

  • Identifying sound scientific evidence of conservation problems on species level and provide appropriate conservation strategies.
  • Capacity building and strengthening local community stewardship for biodiversity conservation.
  • Restoring critical habitats (wetlands, grasslands, and forests) for the better management for the benefits of flora, fauna and community well-beings.