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Himalayan Nature fosters young volunteers from all over the world to work on various projects in the region. If you are interested to work under the programme areas we have set or if you have expertise to share, please write to us in our normal email address with your cv. Depending upon your interest and field of expertise we may be able to help you on this.

Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain. We welcome all interested international volunteers to join and work with us. It usually does not cost anything but we may request you to pay a nominal charge towards lodge and food in our existing facilities or when we put you with one of the Nepali families in our project areas.

For further information, please write to info@himalayannature.org

Our volunteer’s voice:

During the second year of my French Biological study, I had to do training and I wanted to work in a developing country. After many mails, conversing with Himalayan Nature Institute,  I initiated my work at Lumbini Buddha Garden, a research station of Himalayan Nature, Nepal.

Through this institute, I  worked about farmlands birds conservation in Lumbini IBA (Important Bird Area). Dinesh Giri (ornithologist in Lumbini) assisted me in my subject of avifauna and I tried to understand all interactions between local communities and birds’ life. Traveling through farmlands with our bicycles around the spot, we saw many species of birds and made some reports and bird checklists about those diversity of avifauna. Thus, we had seen in south of Dano River, one hundred and four Sarus Crane Grus antigone all in roosting place,  globally threatened species and our best highlight up to this period. These birds are very important bird to be protected in this area!

Throughout the program, Dinesh Giri helped me as an interpretation to do many informal discussions with many farmers, fishermen and schools’ teacher. I tried to discover and understand the threats to birds conservation and we planned to do some awareness program in different local school. After one month of stay in Lumbini, I observed many threats to the conservation of the Farmland birds. Depending in their habitat, birds were vulnerable to any changes and agricultural practices. So, I worked about the uses of chemicals products in the fields by the local farmers, destruction of tall tree and the different threats like the fisheries of wetlands.

Himalayan Nature is the only one institute working about bird conservation in this area and we tried to involve local people in the protection of their own resources.

RAMOND Paul : paul.ramond@gmail.com
Address: 20 Rue Adrien pichon 85000 LA ROCHE SUR YON FRANCE (term)